Talk of the Town

Our members feature in Talk Chippenham again! Last year it was our photo booth at the Pewsham Fun Day, this year we can play 'spot the Pewsham Belles' in the Walking Netball feature on Page 4. There are 3 for you to find. Our experience of Chippenham's pilot project was mixed. One member is absolutely loving it, the others are getting over their injuries! We hope the National WI pilot scheme with England Netball fares better. We've not been contacted since completing the questionnaire which invited interested WIs to take part, so it looks like we're not one of the 100 selected.

Belles get Creative

First it was books, so it was almost inevitable we'd try our hand at Creative Writing! Our latest sub-group met for the first time last night (28th March) and what a stimulating evening it was. There were a few brave people willing to bare their literary souls. We had 8 pieces of writing to review, a mix of fiction and non-fiction including a couple of poems. It was really interesting how some people adopted the theme* and some drew on personal experience. There were lots of different genres too - a ghost story, a romance gone sour, nature writing, plus the world of work, life and friendship were the themes explored. The next meeting is on Tuesday 24th April and the location and object

A Year in a Poem

Fiona delivered a most unusual President's report this month... in the form of a poem! A brilliant finale to her time as Pewsham Belles' founding President and one well worth repeating here. Jam and Jerusalem? More Like Chutney and Chippenham! From wobbly first beginnings to them banging on the door, Queuing up to join us and crying out for more, I’ve stood up here from month to month and find it hard to hide, That I feel just like a mother hen, watching her brood with pride. We’re not quite naked calendars or wild rebellious girls, Nor are we tweed and twin sets with hair in neat set curls, Just modern extraordinary women, making time in our busy lives, To be ourselves and forget a whi

Unexpected Visitors!

Other WIs beware and quake in your boots. The 'WI Inspectors' are on the prowl and yours may be found wanting, just like Pewsham Belles was last Thursday. Penelope, Winifred and Hilda, swept unannounced into our Annual Meeting (AM), and declared the lack of a tablecloth and flowers most unsatisfactory which they rectified immediately. A list of our misdemeanors was read out, mainly of our meetings considered not up to standard, and suggestions made for improvement so that our WI could operate 'the way it has always been done'. History of tea towels or matchstick models anyone? Finally our most heinous crime was declared in shocked tones: the lack of Jam and Jerusalem. Jars of strawberry

Our Town: Extraordinary Women

The Our Town sub-group met in early March to discuss our main project for this year, now retitled Extraordinary Women, because we are at Pewsham Belles! Local historian, Lucy Whitfield will give a talk at our main WI meeting in September (27th) and we will put on an exhibition to accompany her talk, which also reflects the work by Lucy and also the events and work by the museum this year to celebrate the centenary of women getting the vote. Our programme of activities for Pewsham Belles members over the next few months is as follows: 4th April: Bring your photos of Chippenham through the years, plus decide which aspects of life to contrast between 1918 and 2018. Meet at the Old Lane 2nd

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Classic Agatha Christie was the Book Club choice for March, with the debut of her most famous character, Hercule Poirot. Lots of good debate about this one, it was her first ever book and people felt perhaps it hasn't stood the test of time. It was hard not to be thinking about the TV characters that played the main roles. However we agreed it was probably ground breaking at the time of publication and many fictional detectives have followed in it's wake. We scored it 6.25. Our next read is The Mistake by KL Slater; the review date is April 10th. There are no library copies available, so this is one to source for ourselves. It will also give enough time to order in the limited number of

Welcome to the Flexi Group!

Our latest sub-group is our first daytime offering! The Flexi Group meets for coffee, breakfast, tea and all things in-between, especially for those based at home and would like to escape for some human company from time to time. Sally organised the first meeting last Friday, joined by 8 ladies for morning coffee or breakfast at Grounded. Instant success! There is no fixed day, time or organiser for this group, just whenever the mood hits someone who'd like to meet up for a cuppa. Keep an eye on Facebook for the next meeting...

The eggstraordinary George Egg

Snow on the first day of spring meant there was a scramble through a quite different looking Chippenham for the Theatre Group's latest venture. Those who did make it through the snow agreed it was worth the eggstra effort to see George Egg, the DIY Chef. To cook a three course meal using DIY tools might seem a big ask, but George whisked it up with aplomb served with plenty of laughs along the way. Anyone at the show who stays in a Travelodge on a regular basis now has the tools - a kettle and iron - to produce a full English breakfast. Kippers. fresh tagliatelle (an innovative use for a paper shredder) and steak were on the evening's menu and all were pronounced delicious in the tasting

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