A Year in our WI

The results of the Elizabeth Bell photo competition have been announced, so at last I can reveal our entry. Sadly Pewsham Belles didn't feature, but having seen some examples from the winning entries, personally I don't think we were that far from the winning standard. The image shows the final 12 photos selected by the Creative Writing group and reflect the variety of our 2018 year from the main meetings held; our clubs; and our activities with the wider WI. The photos are (from left to right and top to bottom): 'Tools of our Trade' group photo; Diane demonstrating origami butterflies; trip to Trowbridge sewage treatment works; collage showing our book club, upcycled bracelet making at t

Card making with the Crafty Crew

Our Crafty Crew led main meetings are always popular and April's was no exception, with 37 members and 3 guests in attendance for the gentle art of card making using the wealth of materials from Ginny's stash. There was no demonstration this time, but plenty of inspiration provided by the Crew's earlier makes for the Sunshine Fund and their preparation meeting earlier in the month. There was a choice of greetings for members to use, with the birthday items proving the most popular. Judging by the laughter and chat a good time was had by all, especially as we welcomed our very own 'Wedding Belle', - Kim Dennis - to her first meeting after her marriage on Maundy Thursday. If wedding prepar

Secret Underground Cities

Lots of Belles, partners and friends attended the John Aubrey Group (JAG) meeting at Kington Langley Village Hall this week. We were bowled over by Nick McCamley's enthusiastic revelations of our area's 'Secret Underground Cities' i.e. the uses the local Bath stone quarries were put to post mining. Nick first came across Monkton Farleigh mine as a teenager in the late 1960s, when he and his friend Graham broke in and explored the mysterious coal grabber and other equipment; tunnels; and conveyor belts recently abandoned by the MOD. It turned out they had found one of the mines used to store the army's ammunition and ordinance during WWII. Nick subsequently became the mine's owner during

Congratulations Kim!

I couldn't resist showing you the gorgeous wedding flowers Kim shared on our Instagram account over the Easter weekend. She and Ian chose the perfect day for it last Thursday and judging by the photos shared on Facebook, a grand old time was had by all. So this Thursday do say hello to our 'newest' member and our very own Wedding Belle, Kim Dennis formerly known as Kim Shurmer. Congratulations Kim, from everyone at Pewsham Belles!

All set for card making

The Crafty Crew met on Monday for some creative card making using Ginny's stash ready for leading this month's group activity. Gill brought along her Mother's Day present - a die cutter - and demonstrated how it works. If you're coming along next week, the Crew would like you to bring your own scissors plus a glue stick if you have one. There will be plenty of card blanks and materials for you to make your own Best Wishes, Thinking of You, or Happy Birthday card.

Wise words

Creative writing turned out to be a mixed bag of stories this month. Wendy and Fiona have sent off their respective competition entries and we wish them good luck over the next few weeks. Everyone shared their work in progress with the last couple of prompts and the latest AmDram production was also discussed. Michelle admitted to a lack of inspiration this month, so Fiona's subsequent (and pictured) find via Twitter supplied some wise words for her and the rest of the group to consider going forward.

All down to Coffee#1

Our latest Flexi Club meeting was to wish Ginny well in her new job... well, it was for us all to have a cuddle with Winnie really and she was her usual cheerful self whilst she was passed from one admirer to the next! There was plenty of chat, laughs and coffee too!

April Book Club: The Husband's Secret

The Book Club ladies spent a very enjoyable evening discussing The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. We welcomed Sarah W for the first time and Diane came up with the best question of the evening: would you have opened that letter? Most of us would. We scored the book 7 out of 10 and are keeping a look out for the TV series of her first book, Big Little Lies. The next meeting is Tuesday 14th May when we will be discussing The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. For this, we'll benefit from the library's purchase of books in sufficient quantities for book clubs, thanks to a grant from Chippenham Borough Lands.

The Best of Chippenham - Pewsham Belles recommends

We now have a fab insiders guide to Chippenham - thanks to everyone at February's meeting who helped with the initial brainstorm, and the Our Town group! Following last week's meeting, the Post-Its have been tidied up into a suitable mock-up for a web page. It's packed with lots of information on what to see and do and is designed to complement - not replace - the town map already available. The top banner highlights some of Chippenham's distinctive features as chosen by the Our Town group. For some reason the 'Fit to one page' print of the spreadsheet used left off the Yelde Hall photo, so you'll have to imagine it's there, I know what you're thinking... 'the text is too small'! If thi

Follow us on Instagram

We have a new string to our bow! Kim, one of our newbie members and committee member (for social media) as of last month has added Pewsham Belles to Instagram. It's early days yet for the account, but as Kim said on Facebook last week: "The page is in its infancy but I am hoping it will grow over time. HELP WANTED- could I ask that any groups that meet up email me or text [Editor's note: or post it on Facebook like you usually do] a picture of what you have been up to, whether this is the book the book club are reading with along with a drink in the Flying Monk; the final product created by the crafty crew or the pile of materials you started with; even a netball & trainers (and all othe

How to spot and avoid those scams

Following Caroline Gray's talk at March's AM on scam awareness, here's a summary of her top tips, plus some resources and links for future reference. There are many ways fraudsters try to part people from their money and anyone can be a target. Caroline gave examples of doorstep, postal, telephone and online scams as well as other methods used (see the Resources section below for a link to more and updated information). We need to be vigilant and suspicious at all times including when strangers call at home, and especially online as cyber crime is on the increase. Caroline's Top Tips Your bank won't email or phone you if there's a security problem, nor will they ask you to re-enter your d

'Chippenham's Top 10'

Our Town met last night to reshape the items listed by everyone at February's main meeting into a mock-up of what a promotional web page could look like (inspired by Leamington Spa's). Margaret asked 'Why a top 10?' and true to her question the result did indeed have more than 10 items in it. Perhaps it should be renamed 'The Best of Chippenham'? There was plenty of time for chat and laughs, so the task wasn't an onerous one. You can see the resultant Post-It note mock-up in the photo which illustrates this post. It will be typed up into a more presentable version, possibly with a couple of the items split to make things a bit clearer. Our next meeting is in June, and we've decided

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