A small but perfectly formed group met at Diane I's house to play Articulate!, the game where words on the card are described, not said. Some - like frying - were easy peasy, whilst others such as The Bay of Biscay proved almost impossible. In a closely fought contest, great fun and a huge mental workout were enjoyed by all.

Success for our Belles!

We have brilliant news this week of success for three of our members! Many congratulations go to Teresa, Pauline, and Michelle whose individual achievements are quite different and show what a wealth of talent we have in Pewsham Belles. Teresa was elected Chippenham's Deputy Mayor last week; a non-political role which is the gift of her fellow town councillors and comes with a chain of office alongside the special hat and gown she has to wear on civic occasions. Enjoy your year Teresa, and we look forward to welcoming you to meetings in 2020 when you'll be our Mayor! Pauline has previously represented her club, county, Wales and Great Britain in archery and has a new goal to add to her a

Theatre Group: Pam Ayres

It was a fantastic Pewsham Belles turnout for the latest theatre group visit; Fiona Plant reports via Facebook: "The theatre group had a lovely afternoon at The Bath Festival listening to Pam Ayres - still a very funny lady with an amazing memory! Followed by what we WI ladies do best - a little light tea and cake and general chit chat." Sounds like the tea afterwards was quite posh as according to Jenny P they went to: "Society Cafe in the Corridor. Downstairs, our own private room!

Flexi Plus

A return to Coffee#1 for our flexiclub with a surprise visit from our baby Belle, Winnie! Then some of us went to the library to view the Timber Street display they have for Local History Month, which was put together by our member Sue Tuersley and her colleague Sarah. The timeline covered is from the mid 1700s to almost the present day. The library; Samuel Fludyer (once the second richest man in England and the site of his house is where the library now stands); the Art Deco Golddiggers cinema then nightclub; Joe Buckle and the chip shop which bears his name; the canal wharf; the bus station (formerly outside the Angel Hotel); and local traders all feature prominently in the display. As u

Bugs and Bees

Crafty Crew met at Caroline's on Monday evening and had great fun making a variety of insects in FIMO modelling clay. After baking gently to harden them off, they are winging their way to the window display at WI House for Devizes in Bloom. An added bonus was the offer of a plant to take home. No-one could resist the chance of owning an easy care Gasteria for the price of a small donation to the Sunshine Fund. Caroline has more for any Pewsham Belle wishing to have one.

May Book Club: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Last night the ladies of Book Club met to discuss The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. Many admitted when this book was selected they weren't looking forward to reading it, given the horrific period in history it is set in. However, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find this was a really good read, it is essentially a story of love and the determination to survive, and quite different to most books in this genre. We scored this book 7.5 out of 10. This was the first book selected from a recent donation by the Chippenham Borough Lands charity to the library of a grant to buy enough copies of selected books for the many local book groups (WI and otherwise) to enjoy. Next month'

Curious in Calne

Several members of Pewsham Belles spent a delightfully sunny afternoon in Calne yesterday, taking part in the latest treasure trail organised by Wiltshire Federation. The streets in and around the library and town hall were explored thoroughly in the pursuit of the answers to 27 clues cleverly wrapped up in cryptic rhymes. The photo shows the answer to one of the more tricky clues. The sunshine made it difficult to read the date of the Landsdown Hotel's firemark and the manager there didn't know the answer either. Little did we know we had the solution all along... if only Michelle knew how to zoom in on her camera's photos! (Psst! the answer is 1695) A favourite moment was along the tow

The Write Stuff

This month's Creative Writing group had plenty of variety with Wendy revealing the first part of her genre mash up and the several ways the rest of the story could go. Fiona read her completed story based on the ferris wheel picture prompt from several months back. Both admitted they have several incomplete stories as works in progress, which neatly shows how our monthly meetings and the snippets from Writing magazine provide much more than a month's worth of inspiration. This led to a discussion on the creative process and useful resources. Everyone has a notebook: physical or virtual with various jottings of ideas, plus incomplete and completed stories. Michelle needs a long journey to g

Curry delights

The Unofficial Supper Club tried the newly revamped Akash Tandoori in Foghamshire, where they have a 10% off voucher for May and we couldn't resist a bargain! Note this is now a BYO alcohol venue, which even without the discount, makes this a reasonably priced meal out. The curries went down a treat too!

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