Denman in a nutshell

On Sunday sixteen Pewsham Belles had a lovely afternoon visiting Denman. We started with an Italian cooking demonstration with Mariella Bliss, who made fresh pasta with a simple tomato sauce, then chocolate panna cotta - both delicious. Our guide for the afternoon, Helen Carter, gave us a tour of both the house and grounds which was really interesting. We finished up with a delicious afternoon tea and lots of plans to book ourselves on courses as soon as possible. All for £20 a head! This is a great way to introduce members to all Denman has to offer and can be arranged on a day that suits the group. Note, we also came away with lots of top tips and the recipes from our Italian taste tes

Return to decoupage

One of the first Crafty Crew meetings was decoupage and with new members not having tried the art of gluing pretty paper onto objects, it was time to try this craft again! Cups were the object of choice this time and with Ginny's stash to hand, plus some supplementary papers, gems and sparkles, they were soon transformed. The Crew's next meeting is on Monday July 15th.

June Book Club: Three Things About Elsie

The ladies of Book Club had a good evening at The Flying Monk discussing Joanna Cannon's Three Things About Elsie. We welcomed Kim to her first meeting and judging by her entry on Instagram she felt right at home! Most people guessed the book's twist early on in the read, but still read on. Overall there were mixed reviews and we scored this one 7 out of 10. Our next book is The Underground Railway by Colson Whitehead and we meet on the 9th July.


Our Town rang the changes this month with an expedition to Corsham to solve the Murder Mystery Walk in the walking festival's programme. We were joined by two Watsons and two Sherlocks in our quest whilst we pored over the clues sheets and suspects' statements. We can honestly say our brains were thoroughly bamboozled though each of our three teams came up with different, yet plausible explanations of what happened and who committed the crime. We await to see who got the closest to solving the murder! Refreshments at Grounded afterwards - plus the Flemish Weaver in some cases - made the perfect ending to the outing. Special mention must go to Fiona P, Rebecca, Paul and Fiona ES who truly

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Thanks for choosing me to be your delegate at the NFWI Annual Meeting this year ladies. Here's a snapshot of the day with a few photos I took to give you a flavour of the proceedings. You'll find my full report here. After an early start, I've never been in a room with so many women in my life, around 3,000 or more! There's a seaview from the BICC terrace, views of the auditorium from my perch in row SS; a burst of Jerusalem; plenty of serious debate and discussion; climate change explained in the shape of a scarf; inspiration in the form of Maggie Philbin; random conversations with lovely people from around the country including 2 discussions of Book Club reads (Eleanor Oliphant and The T

Belles get quizzical

Our latest quiz tryout was at Monday's monthly quiz at the Pack Horse. The result for our team of 3 Belles plus 1 was a middling one; the round on pub landlords Michelle and Ian being the difference between our result and the top three who must know the couple well. Here's the Games round our quizzers tackled on Monday. Can you score better than our 8 points (9 if Diane hadn't changed one of her answers!)? Use the appropriate picture in the photo above for questions 1-3, 7, and 9. What's Free under the blue corner box on the Monopoly board? Name the station under the other blue box on the Monopoly board Name the room under the blue box on the Cluedo board What's the missing weapon from thi

Get ready to Zumba!

Our regular meeting entered new territory this month as the European elections meant we had to seek a new venue. Luckily the newly refurbished King Alfred Hall came up trumps and what a find! Its bigger space and a stage proved to be more suitable for our scheduled Zumba Gold activity. Result! Bubbly instructor Sheila Copeman fitted in straight away when she sat down and chatted with everyone during coffee. She then introduced us to the benefits of Zumba Gold, a low-impact version of the full Zumba exercise class, which started by accident in Columbia when a fitness instructor there found exercise to dance music proved more popular than his regular classes. Sheila explained how muscle mass

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