Down on Carpenter's Farm

No official meeting for August didn't stop us from having a get together anyway! Carolyne kindly invited us for a return visit to her family's farm at Avon, and it proved a popular move judging by the number of attendees and photos taken. We were blessed with a warm evening and soon were split into two groups for tours led by Carlyne's husband Irving and son Joe. They were full of enthusiasm for what they do and answered lots of questions from their eager audience. Lexie had given birth that very afternoon so there were new piglets to see! The evening was rounded up nicely with plenty of chat, tea/coffee, freshly cooked sausages and lashings of cake; not forgetting Carolyne's daughter's di

Of Markets and River Street

Fiona Plant reports on the final Wednesday history walk for August... "Another interesting afternoon being tourists in our own town and learning more about the history of Chippenham with Mel Barnett of Chippenham Museum. Followed, of course, by coffee and chat - this time at Lily’s Vintage Tearooms on Timber Street." It was thumbs up for the tea rooms and amazement that the Market Place was the place for town gatherings and once had 37 pubs! In view of this Mel's tales of riots and Chippenham's reputation for feistiness, weren't so surprising. The town was once famous for its cheese making and market and one local maker discovered the compound which turns cheese rinds orange. Traces of t

Down by the river Part II

We had a brilliant walk into Chippenham this sunny morning with Diane showing her fellow Pewsham Belles her favourite walk into town from the Community Centre, avoiding the traffic. There are plenty of little hidden snicket ways to get out of Pewsham via the Turnpike and once the London Road is crossed over and you walk into Hardens Lane, the town is left behind completely. We then picked up the old railway path and after watching a family canoeing on the river we dropped down into Monkton Park for a welcome cuppa and bacon butties all round at the Tenth Hole Tea Room. Thank goodness we managed to find a fair amount of shade along the way! Then it was back to Pewsham Community Centre al

Down by the river Part I

Chippenham Museum's guided walks programme this month is proving popular with both our Belles and the general public alike, as Fiona Plant reports... "A few Pewsham Belles enjoyed the third Chippenham museum walk along the river this afternoon [Wednesday - Ed]. Claire gave us a potted history of the important role the river has played over the centuries in the various industries in Chippenham and we looked at the town from a different perspective, walking through Monkton Park and crossing the river five times." Fellow attendee Carolyn Gilman told me that Chippenham once had 9 mills along the river which had several islands, including the now riverside part of Monkton Park which is still ca

Fun with Fimo

A lovely update from Diane I via Facebook on the Crafty Crew's latest exploits: "It was a very small put perfectly formed Crafty Crew last night [Monday - Ed] 😁 A lovely evening with Wendy & Steph trying our hand at modelling clay (think we all had jewellery in mind)." In the comments she cheekily added: "Wendy's blue, white & grey club like piece started life as a snowman, but she felt he was too evil looking so he became a pendant 😂"

An Insight into Our Town

The Our Town group had a delightful walk around the Causeway (aka Rotten Row) and St Mary Street today courtesy of the guided walks available this month from Chippenham Museum. We learned this part of Chippenham was a hotbed of non-conformist religion with a choice of 3 kinds of Methodism (Primitive, Weslyan and Tabernacle) as well as the Quakers, and it was home to a resident 'official' hermit opposite the Pack Horse who failed to pass on enough of his collected monies from travellers to maintain the main road out of the town. As a result horses and carriages diverted behind the pub for a more comfortable route but sometimes came to grief by taking the sharp bend too quickly. There was

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