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Review of the Year

December 30, 2019

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Belles get quizzical

June 6, 2019


Our latest quiz tryout was at Monday's monthly quiz at the Pack Horse. The result for our team of 3 Belles plus 1 was a middling one; the round on pub landlords Michelle and Ian being the difference between our result and the top three who must know the couple well.

Here's the Games round our quizzers tackled on Monday. Can you score better than our 8 points (9 if Diane hadn't changed one of her answers!)? Use the appropriate picture in the photo above for questions 1-3, 7, and 9.

  1. What's Free under the blue corner box on the Monopoly board?

  2. Name the station under the other blue box on the Monopoly board

  3. Name the room under the blue box on the Cluedo board

  4. What's the missing weapon from this list - Candlestick, Revolver, Lead Pipe, Dagger, Spanner and...?

  5. What do the Americans call our game of Draughts?

  6. What colour is the Entertainment slice of pie in Trivial Pursuit?

  7. What is removed from the area under the blue box in the pictured Operation game?

  8. How many direct hits do you need to sink all the ships in the Battleships game?

  9. What 3 words are hidden on the Scrabble board?

  10. What is the only letter with a score of 5 in Scrabble?

Answers are in the Comments - no peeping before you've had a go!

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