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Review of the Year

December 30, 2019

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Love your leftovers!

December 16, 2019


Michelle used the ugly rindy bits from last week's taste test Stilton to make some Broccoli and Stilton soup. It's a great way of using up those bits of the cheese which aren't that good to eat off the cheeseboard,  or indeed in a taste test.

Thursday's left over vegetables (mange tout, carrots, celery and pepper sticks) from the dips selection also featured alongside 2 roughly chopped onions, 1 cubed spud, 1 head of broccoli and a litre of vegetable stock, all bunged together in a large pan and simmered for 20 minutes. Everything was then blitzed together with a hand blender when cooled.

Finally just before serving the soup was heated up again and the Stilton melted in, making sure the soup didn't boil (which can curdle the cheese) - even the strong tasting stuff from Lidl which many didn't like on Thursday mellowed in the pan.

If you don't like Stilton, then brie or tasty cheddar are good alternatives. If you prefer to have a recipe with quantities instead of Michelle's 'add stuff until it looks right' approach, then BBC Good Food's recipe is the one for you.

It was pronounced delicious, and is a great way of making sure that food didn't go to waste! Michelle's version serves 6 generously (at 3 ladles full per bowl), and can easily be stretched to 8 or 9 servings if feeding a crowd.

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