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Walking Netball

Get a wiggle on!

Walking netball is a National WI initiative which started in 2018 in partnership with England Netball. Now, say hello to the Chippenham Lasses!

Hosted by Kington Langley WI's Carla Smith and Elma Lawer, ladies from Chippenham and surrounding villages meet on Monday mornings at the Air Dome, or on Tuesday evenings at Chippenham Rugby Club.


There are also regular opportunities for post-game socialising, or away from the court.

Ladies of all ages - including non-WI members - are welcome to take part, with the eldest - and one of the most competitive players - currently in her 80s!

Carla and Elma have both taken the Walking Netball Host qualification.

Contact Carla for the latest news and information.

Chippenham walking netball at Bath's Nat
Derry Hill walking netball cropped.jpg
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