Review of the Year

Here are 12 favourite photos from 2019 that show the fun we had and the variety of activities on offer both at our meetings and in our clubs. It's a good advert for what we get up to! What's your favourite Pewsham Belles memory of 2019? Have a look at our Programme page to see what's in store for 2020. Happy New Year everyone!

Show and Tell with the Crafty Crew

The Crafty Crew enjoyed a festive show and tell session to round up our crafting year. It was a great evening sharing our various creations amongst friends. Thanks to Diane for hosting and to the Pewsham Belles committee for donating to our drinks and nibbles. We are all feeling inspired and have lots of ideas for future makes. Look out for notebook making, octopuses, punch needlework, block printing, sock snowmen and calligraphy in the new year. We may even start a crochet sub group called the Happy Hookers!

Love your leftovers!

Michelle used the ugly rindy bits from last week's taste test Stilton to make some Broccoli and Stilton soup. It's a great way of using up those bits of the cheese which aren't that good to eat off the cheeseboard, or indeed in a taste test. Thursday's left over vegetables (mange tout, carrots, celery and pepper sticks) from the dips selection also featured alongside 2 roughly chopped onions, 1 cubed spud, 1 head of broccoli and a litre of vegetable stock, all bunged together in a large pan and simmered for 20 minutes. Everything was then blitzed together with a hand blender when cooled. Finally just before serving the soup was heated up again and the Stilton melted in, making sure the


Being moved out of our normal home due to the election didn’t stop the Christmas Party, nor some sneaky extra voting! 🎄🎅🏼 We had homemade non alcoholic mulled ‘wine’ using Caroline's not-so-secret-now recipe, a festive food tasting session - how different our palates are, a glorious buffet and a mega Christmas raffle. Here are the results of the Festive Taste Test for further perusal, especially if you couldn't make last night's party. It's clear that award winning doesn't necessarily meet WI approval, we all love a bargain, and a mince pie has to look like one! Happy Christmas and food shopping everyone! 🎅🎄 Here's Caroline's mulled 'wine' recipe. Substitute with wine if you want to!

A Book Club Supper

With no book to read this month the Book and Supper Clubs joined forces for a Christmas gathering. We headed off to a local Indian Restaurant all armed with a wrapped pre-loved book for a lucky dip Secret Santa. Would you believe that with all the books in the world, two copies of Alice Walker's, The Colour Purple were gifted. There were only 10 of us there and the book hasn't ever been nominated for the next read!!

Skillshare: Night Photography

The Our Town group enjoyed an evening of night time photography and saw Chippenham in a new light! The Christmas lights were a-twinkle and the rain had just stopped, leaving the streets full of interesting reflections and lights to capture with our phones and cameras. Michelle had plenty of hints and tips to share for photography at this time of day with just a camera or phone. It means anyone can have a play before deciding whether to invest in a tripod and other equipment such as remote control, light meter etc. Interested in having a go? You can see Michelle's tips sheet here. Now, let's have a look at how everyone got on... ...Carolyn decided to use her in-phone app to create the abo

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