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We all love to shop! And if you shop online, then there's an easy way you can help Pewsham Belles WI raise some cash at no extra cost to you. The easyfundraising website has over 3,000 online stores on its books who are willing to donate commission if you shop via them instead of directly. Pewsham Belles has registered as a 'Cause' on there (we can because our WI is a charity), which means we can get that cash if you register and then shop via the site.

Most of the big brands are there - see the examples to the left. We've already had donations flow in during our first week via bookings made with Trainline and Hotels.com, plus shopping with Marks and Sparks, eBay and Amazon. We'll use the money raised to help fund good speakers and activities, plus continue when we can with our Denman bursary and free tickets draws to events like Wiltshire's Annual Meeting. There may also be an opportunity to subsidise some of our events such as the Big Day Out, or help our local community in some way depending on the amount raised. The site is very easy to register and use. It's available as website and App versions, so you can use your preferred tech for shopping. You can also sign up for a reminder about using the site if you forget and go directly into one of the partner brands instead. It means there's less chance of forgetting to do your bit. As a well-known retailer likes to say, 'Every little helps'!

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